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Spanish Language - Immersion Programs

The Summer language programs are designed to improve the Spanish language skills of students, regardless of their proficiency level. The programs are ideal for any one interested in short-term accelerated learning. Each program lasts 2 weeks, and includes a minimum of 24 hours of formal classroom instruction and 16 hours of practice through cultural tourism. Field trips, accommodations and classroom materials are also included. For many students, the Summer intensive program afford the opportunity to combine earned university level credits with an unforgettable vacation in Spain.

Overview: Spanish Immersion Programs
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Introduction to Spanish
The objective of the program is to develop a basic proficiency in Spanish and to familiarize the student with Spain’s culture. Emphasis is placed in the practical use of the basic grammatical structures, expansion of vocabulary and the acquisition of Spanish communication skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Field trips complement language instruction.

Intermediate Spanish Studies
The intermediate program is designed to develop an active command of spoken and written Spanish with particular emphasis on practical conversation and discussion. It aims to provide a greater understanding of the language, the culture and heritage of Spain. This will be achieved through the study of history, art, current events, attitudes and customs. Field trips and cultural seminars complement language instruction.

Upper Division Spanish Studies
This advanced program focuses on the development of students' linguistic fluency and cultural awareness. It is designed to expand the knowledge of the language by placing special emphasis on the cultural and literary aspects of Hispanic culture. This course is ideal for advanced students who want to continue studying Spanish and for teachers of Spanish as a second language who want to increase their proficiency level. The course covers a variety of subjects which are often adapted to the interests of the class.

Typical Excursions (All tours and excursions are guided)
In Barcelona: Barrio Gothic, Picasso Museum, Sagrada Familia area, Barcelona Olympic, Monastery and Palace of Pedralbes, etc. Outside Barcelona: Costa Brava - Dali Museum, Monastery of St. Pedro de Roda, Montserrat Basilica and Museum, University of Vic - Campus and historical city

All courses are taught by University professors. Two units of university credit per course given.

Housing & Lodging
The Santa Clara Center is located in a quiet residential area with lovely surroundings. The accommodations afford students and faculty numerous opportunities for interaction, enabling us to provide students with close, personal attention as well as a way to apply the language outside the classroom and to learn the day to day living aspects of the Spanish culture.

Tuition: $2,985.00*

* This price includes full room and board, on campus accommodations, field trips, excursions, materials and local transportation to and from Barcelona airport. Airfare is NOT included

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Custom Designed Group Lessons
Many of the workshops and short courses offered by Santa Clara I.C. can be customized to the specific needs of the audience at a discount. For groups of 8 or more, instruction can be provided at a convenient location, including work sites and various locations throughout Spain.


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