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Santa Clara I.C.

Santa Clara International College is a private, fully accredited coeducational institution located in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1967 by Doña Isabel de León Serrat, the College is one of the older international schools in Europe. The distinctive mission of the School is to develop and foster international understanding through education and direct intercultural contact.

Designed to fit the needs of our time, Santa Clara’s educational philosophy is based upon a solid commitment to academic excellence and a tradition of respect for different ideologies and religious beliefs. Accordingly, the school admits students of any race, color, creed, and national and ethnic origin and encourages students to explore, understand, respect, and value their differences. This policy is based on the belief that diversity among students enriches the educational experience.

As our world becomes increasingly interdependent, studying abroad is not only an investment in potential access to future professional opportunities, but also an investment in personal growth and an essential part of a well rounded modern education. Santa Clara has served as an academic center for many students from around the world and continues to make study in Spain available to those students who recognize the life-long value of living and exploring a culture other than their own.

Santa Clara offers educational programs to students of all ages. Teaching is always personalized and conducted in small groups. The curriculum encompasses the following levels: Kindergarten; Primary and Secondary Education, including High-School. The school also offers an International Baccalaureate program, and in affiliation with the University of San Francisco, California, a variety of business courses and seminars.

Santa Clara I.C. is an internationally recognized center of excellence in education and training. In addition to its full academic year programs, it offers special short-term programs in Languages, Mathematics, Music, Computer Science and Business Administration, as well as Intensive Spanish Studies for non-native Spanish speaking students or teachers who want to improve their Spanish language skills. These Intensive Language Studies are full immersion programs and are offered only during the summer.

We invite you to explore the world of Santa Clara and hope you will enjoy this brief introduction to our School and its unique community.

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SUMMER Spanish Language Courses: See  program description section for details.

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